Deluxe and Soda

As simple as it sounds. Our signature whisky, J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe, and soda. With a twist.

Deluxe & Ginger

The classic Canadian mixed drink made with Canada’s classic quality whisky.

Northern Bramble

A strong cocktail and strong presentation come together for the perfect drink to serve at a holiday gathering.

Old Fashioned

A classic, classic cocktail. Though it can come in all shapes and sizes, this straight-ahead version is as easy to mix together as it is to sip on.

North of 49 Manhattan Cocktail

Our take on one of the classic old school cocktails – The Manhattan.

True North Nog

Presenting our version of a milkshake: all grown up with a spicy kick.

Walkerville Mule

A spicy take on the mule, inspired by the place where the J.P. Wiser’s legacy began.

Whisky Mule

Bringing together our signature Deluxe with lime and ginger beer gives this drink its distinctive kick.