We text it, DM it, say it five times a week. “Let’s get drinks soon?”

Yet most times we don’t get those drinks.
Days turn into weeks, and those friendships slowly fade.
The thing is, we don’t even realize it.

Nothing malicious, nothing personal. Kids, work, relocation. All sorts of reasons. That cycle of cancelling and rescheduling is all too familiar.

We spend less time with our buddies year after year.
Your go-to’s, remember?

Life gets in the way.
We lose connections.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So why not be the one who calls, texts, whatever.
It’s easy to make the first move.
Turn “Drinks soon” question mark into “Drinks soon” exclamation point!

This isn’t just about whisky. It’s about making the effort.

You’ll laugh, catch up, remember the good times.
Because your buddies are worth it.
Your happiness is worth it.

When’s the last time you made “Drinks soon?” happen?