Dave Mitton Profile

Dave Mitton

Global Brand Ambassador

Dave has a great passion when it comes to educating bartenders and consumers alike about the history, production and of course the creation of cocktails with Canadian Whisky. He was the co-owner and operator of several well-known restaurants and bars in Toronto as well as the inaugural President of The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association, Ontario Chapter.

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He's always had a great devotion for community and security amongst bartenders. Dave is a big believer in training and providing staff with the knowledge and tools they need when it comes to making great drinks and everything else that comes with working behind the bar. Additionally Dave has a great passion for traveling the world seeking out cocktail adventures, exploring new places and meeting the intriguing people who are behind them.

Colin MacDougall Profile

Colin MacDougall

Portfolio Consultant

While he’s a dyed-in-the-wool “Bluenoser” who originally hails from Nova Scotia, Colin MacDougall travelled the corners of the earth before settling back into Canada on its Pacific Coast. Here he continued his passion for the spirit and wine industry becoming a specialist for an already well-respected and dedicated team at Corby’s/Pernod-Ricard.

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Colin knows that everything in life tells a story and he has been telling the story of the beverage industry since the early 2000’s. He is an expert on the multitude of diverse stories and nuances world spirits have to offer, is a seasoned beverage program consultant, an award winning cocktail menu architect, and was a familiar face behind the bar as manager at a number of prestigious restaurants including Melbas on the Park, West, Pourhouse, and Blue Water Café.

For Colin, spirit education is more than simply an occupation – it’s a golden opportunity to educate loyal fans and new acolytes alike championing the very best that the worlds distilleries and have to offer.