Dave Mitton Profile

Dave Mitton

Global Brand Ambassador

Dave has a great passion when it comes to educating bartenders and consumers alike about the history, production and of course the creation of cocktails with Canadian Whisky. He was the co-owner and operator of several well-known restaurants and bars in Toronto as well as the inaugural President of The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association, Ontario Chapter.

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He's always had a great devotion for community and security amongst bartenders. Dave is a big believer in training and providing staff with the knowledge and tools they need when it comes to making great drinks and everything else that comes with working behind the bar. Additionally Dave has a great passion for traveling the world seeking out cocktail adventures, exploring new places and meeting the intriguing people who are behind them.

Gina Fossitt, Trade and Education Brand Manager

Gina Fossitt

Trade and Education Brand Manager

In her beverage industry adventures, Gina has spread the whisk(e)y gospel in many roles. After being behind the stick and managing beverage programs in NYC, she became a member of the esteemed Masters of Whisk(e)y program, earned several certifications, and participated in a 2-week Malt Advocate study abroad in Scotland and an internship at The George Dickel Distillery.

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Gina’s certifications include the Advanced Certification in the WSET program, Filson Bourbon Academy, Executive Steward in Stave & Thief’s Bourbon Steward Program and the revered IBD General Certificate of Distillation, for which she developed and led a 6-month mentorship for other ambassadors up to the challenge. Today, Gina uses her experiences in a variety of whisky styles to educate consumers, bartenders, and buyers on the beloved category of Canadian whisky as well as develop new strategies for the U.S. market.