Old Fashioned

This classic drink recipe has remained largely unchanged for over 200 years. Though modern variations have produced many enjoyable twists and flavours, this straight-ahead version is as easy to mix together as it is to sip on.

Deluxe and Soda

As simple as it sounds. Our signature whisky, J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe, and soda. With a twist.

Deluxe & Ginger

The classic Canadian mixed drink made with Canada’s classic quality whisky.

North of 49 Manhattan

Enjoy a Canadian take on an old school American cocktail – The Manhattan – with J.P. Wiser’s award-winning golden rye whisky for a full-bodied, flavourful drink that finishes smooth and creamy.

Northern Bramble

A strong cocktail and strong presentation come together for the perfect drink to serve at a holiday gathering.

Whisky Mule

Bringing together our signature Deluxe with lime and ginger beer gives this drink its distinctive kick.

Maple Old Fashioned

Maple syrup fills in for sugar to put a Canadian twist on the classic cocktail.

North Course

Take a sip of sophistication with this classy cocktail. Homemade Earl Grey iced tea is the key to this summer-time refreshment.

Old Pal

A classic cocktail, always made best with Canadian rye whisky.


This easy sipper combines J.P. Wiser’s whisky, vermouth, and pineapple.

Walkerville Mule

A spicy take on the mule, inspired by the place where the J.P. Wiser’s legacy began.


This unapologetically Canadian cocktail dates back to the 1960s and features pure Canadian maple syrup to deliver a taste that is both sweet and bold.

Rye and Cola

One of the easiest drinks to make, this recipe combines two great flavours – J.P. Wiser’s Triple Barrel Rye and cola – to create a delicious and refreshing mix.

Vanilla Old Fashioned

A little twist on a classic. One of your favourite drinks with one of our favourite new flavours.

Canadian Cocktail

Many people see Canadians as mostly sweet with a slight edge just under the surface and that’s exactly how we see this cocktail.

Prescott Caesar

A twist on a classic Caesar, with the addition of pineapple juice and J.P. Wiser’s – with a callout to our whisky’s birthplace.

Whisky Smash

This citrusy cocktail has been called “the perfect cocktail for those who say they’ll never drink whisky”, so serve this up and change some minds.

Vanilla Nog

A rich, creamy cocktail that tastes perfect during the holidays, and all winter long.


Otherwise known as “Saturdays are for the boys,” drink recipes don’t get much easier.

Apple of My Rye

Our take on mulled apple cider, but served cold and with a little kick.

Vanilla Revolver

This cocktail is locked and loaded with the smooth taste of vanilla and coffee.


This drink puts a new spin on the Rye & Ginger, with a splash of pineapple.


J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe whisky adds more depth and flavour – and a little soda water adds bubbles – to our twist on a negroni.

Northern Cola

The classic Canadian mixed drink, rye and cola, with even a little more Canada added for good measure.

Apple Jam’n

Fruit flavours – apple, apricot, and lemon – come together in this sweet but balanced cocktail.

Farmland Collins

Creating your own bottle of ginger-infused J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe takes this drink recipe to the next level.


A classic old school whisky cocktail taken to the next level with our Triple Barrel Rye.

Apple Swizzle

This classic bubbles up every few years, so why not try it with our J.P. Wiser’s Apple and put a little fizz into our fruity new flavour?[:us]This classic bubbles up every few years, so why not try it with our J.P. Wiser’s Apple and put a little fizz into our fruity new flavour?

Catcher in the Rye

A sweet drink with a pretty sweet presentation for your next holiday party.

Look North Cider

A hot concoction of apple cider, spices, and two of our best whiskies. Made for sharing with friends.

Canadian Coffee

Canadians have some unique preferences when it comes to coffee. This is another classic way to take it.

Apple Ginger

A smooth, spicy twist on a classic Rye & Ginger.

Vanilla Cola

Our J.P. Wiser’s Vanilla takes your usual rye and cola and turns it into an extra-smooth cocktail.

Black Caffeine

Cold brew coffee gives this drink a different kind of kick than most.

Stone Fence

The classic Stone Fence, with J.P. Wiser’s whisky taking the place of rum and a touch of maple syrup for Canadian flavour.

Mortimer’s Dilemma

A drink made with mulled with wine is great to enjoy up your holiday gatherings.

Spring Julep

This cocktail is meant to be bracing and refreshing at the same time. Perfect to enjoy over the spring months.

Hot Apple Cider

A hot drink, warmed up a little more with J.P. Wiser’s Apple.

G’night Cap

Steamed milk makes this rich drink a winter evening favourite.

Maple Sour

A little bit sweet, a little bit sour, and a whole lotta rye.

Rye & Raspberry

This berry-infused drink brings some sweetness to the strong rye flavour of our Triple Barrel Rye.

Strong and Free

A bright, bubbly drink combining the best of J.P. Wiser’s whisky and sparkling wine.

Orchard Collins

Our take on a Tom Collins takes you to the orchard and brings some apple and cinnamon flavour along for the journey.

Apple Toddy

A warm drink to share on cold nights, with cider-like warmth and a spicy kick.