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Step into the world of JP Wiser’s, where a man with a bold vision embarked on a journey to put Canadian whisky on the global stage

Our Heritage

In 1857, before Canada was even a nation. J.P. Wiser was distilling whisky in Prescott, Ontario. By the early 1900s, J.P. Wiser was selling whisky all over the world, growing to become Canada’s third largest distiller. His choice to age his whisky longer than others at the time led to both its quality and its popularity. Today, we care about quality as much as our founder, from grain to glass, and we’re proud to carry the legacy of J.P. Wiser’s forward.

About J.P. Wiser: A bold vision

The man… the legend. John Philip Wiser grew his whisky empire from humble beginnings into Canada’s best-selling family of whiskies. The choices he made, including using only the highest quality ingredients and aging his whisky to perfection, has led to a legacy that you can still taste today. Wise from the start and an entrepreneur through and through, J.P. founded the distillery to feed his horses spent grain while also turning a profit from selling whisky.

About the distillery:

Expertly crafted in Canada’s industrial heart

The Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery in Windsor, Ontario is the home of Canadian whisky and one of North America’s largest distilleries. Located on the banks of the Detroit River, extreme temperature changes contribute to the quality and distinct flavour of J.P. Wiser’s family of whiskies. For over 160 years, our historic facility produces some of the best whiskies in Canada and has been awarded Distillery of the Year four years in a row.


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